Serving the Main Line Community and Charitable Organizations

SPA FundraisingWe understand how difficult it is to secure adequate funding, and we are here to help!

The SPA Car Wash program is very simple and risk-free. While we don’t write checks to sponsor events, we do provide valuable auction or raffle items for you to use to get cash. All we ask is that you distribute Car Wash Fundraiser Tickets that we create.

Send a copy of your logo, and we will create a ticket with your logo and the SPA Car Wash logo. And then we will print as many as you’d like. The ticket entitles the holder to $3 Off our Works Wash. For every ticket we get back, we write you a check for $5! These programs can go on all year round–no limits!

Stop in or call SPA Car Wash at 610-695-0711 to set up your fundraiser.