SPA Car Wash Loyalty Program

Earn Rewards with Every Visit

SPAwards is the SPA Car Wash loyalty program designed to reward our customers for their ongoing patronage and support. It does not cost money to join our program, we don’t use punch cards, and we don’t require you to keep a membership card. You get rewards every time you visit—effortlessly and reliably!

How It Works!

Our program is driven by a little bar code we apply to the interior edge of your vehicle’s driver’s door—discreet and out of sight! Each time you come in for a service we automatically track your purchase and add SPAwards points to your account. The points can be redeemed for washes, extra wash services, detail services, and even gift certificates.

All we ask is that you complete our customer information sheet to help us serve you better. We’ll greet you by name and we can process your vehicle more quickly when you arrive so we can reduce our queue line. All of our communication about SPAwards will happen when you visit at the point of sale.

And for filling out the form completely, we’ll give you a free car wash on your birthday.


Email you, call you, or share your information without your permission. 

Earning Points

SPAward points are earned at different levels based on the types of purchases you make. The points are awarded like those you get for your credit card purchases. You earn points at a 1% level when you purchase detail services, at a 1.5% level when you purchase tunnel washes, and at a 3% level when you purchase wash cards.

You also earn 25 points for referring new customers! Just ask any SPA Car Wash team member for a receipt-sized form to hand out to your friends, neighbors, and colleagues—there are no limits to the number of referrals you can make.

Redeeming Points

Redemptions can be made with our cashier, and you can request a point balance any time. While points are earned for each of your cars, you can combine them among your vehicles at any time.


Additional Benefits Offered by SPAwards

  • Personalized Greeting
  • Fater Check-in Processing
  • Shorter Queue Lines
  • Easy Check-out Processing
  • Preferred Pricing
  • And More!